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This report presents the findings of an audit of MetaDoge. The audit was performed to assess the platform's security and functionality.
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    Why does MetaDoge maintain a blacklist? The purpose of the blacklist is to restrict access for users who engage in unfair practices, such as using bots to participate in IDO presales. MetaDoge takes a firm stance against any form of cheating behavior and seeks to uphold the integrity of its platform.
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    Why can Metadoge modify the buy/sell slippage? The team has taken measures to counter sniping bots by implementing a high tax during the launch. Additionally, the team has plans to modify the allocation of the 5% slippage in order to benefit holders. This will be done with the aim of increasing the percentage of Doge reflected in the system that directly benefits those who hold it.
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    Why do smart contracts have the ability to be paused? Pause functionality is essential in the integration process of the project's mainnet. By temporarily suspending the smart contract, the team can carry out the integration in a controlled manner, avoiding any potential disruptions. This allows for a smoother transition to the mainnet, ultimately benefiting the overall development process.