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Legal Opinion

A legal opinion is a valuable resource that provides parties with expert guidance on the legal aspects of a transaction. It is a written statement prepared by a qualified attorney, which offers insight into the legal implications and potential risks involved in a commercial transaction.
Before entering into any agreement, it is crucial to thoroughly analyze the nature and scope of the transaction, as well as any related legal issues. This is especially true for ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), where the primary objective is often to list the issued token on a cryptocurrency exchange or trading platform.
In this scenario, a legal opinion on the nature of the token becomes critical. The opinion provides clarification on whether the token should be classified as a security or not, which has significant implications for the ICO and future trading of the token.
Cryptocurrency exchanges require this legal opinion to ensure they are not subject to regulations that apply to traditional securities exchanges. By obtaining a legal opinion, parties can make informed decisions and minimize potential legal risks when entering into a commercial transaction.