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Q1 2023
  • Pinksales Subscribe & IDO: This quarter will see the launch of the Pink Sales Subscribe and Initial Dex Offering (IDO) to increase visibility and exposure of the MetaDoge project.
  • Establish Community Treasury: A community treasury will be established to support the development and growth of the project.
  • Partnership with other projects: Strategic partnerships with other projects will be established to increase revenue and provide more value to the MetaDoge community.
  • CoinMarketCap listing: MetaDoge will be listed on CoinMarketCap, the world's leading cryptocurrency data aggregator and market capitalization platform.
  • CoinGecko listing: MetaDoge will also be listed on CoinGecko, a cryptocurrency data aggregator and price tracker.
  • MetaDoge NFT: Launching of MetaDoge NFT, promising a fresh and innovative experience for NFT collectors and enthusiasts alike.
  • NFT staking: NFT staking is a program that allows NFT holders to earn rewards by securely holding their assets on the MetaDoge platform.
Q2 2023
  • CEX listing: MetaDoge will be listed on centralized exchanges to increase liquidity and make it more accessible to investors.
  • Develop DEX: The development of a decentralized exchange (DEX) will be prioritized to offer users a more secure and decentralized platform for trading.
  • Enable Staking and Farming: Staking and farming options will be enabled to incentivize long-term holders and increase the security of the network.
  • Integrate NFT to GameFi: NFT will be integrated into the GameFi platform to offer users a more engaging gaming experience and increase the value of the NFTs.
Q3 2023
  • WEB3.0 Dapp: A WEB3.0 decentralized application (Dapp) will be developed to offer users a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Metadoge Token as Payment Portal: The MetaDoge token will be integrated as a payment portal across the Dapp, offering users a seamless and secure method of transaction.
  • Test-Net before Main-Net Launch: A test-net will be conducted to identify and resolve any issues before the Main-Net launch.
  • Integrate GameFi and Dapp to Main-Net: The GameFi platform and WEB3.0 Dapp will be integrated into the Main-Net to offer users a complete and seamless experience.
This roadmap outlines the key initiatives and milestones that the MetaDoge project will aim to achieve in the coming year. The roadmap is subject to change based on market conditions and other factors, but it provides a general direction for the project's growth and development.